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Software Development 101

929e39cbad5d2599dfe72fe89e06de2a?s=47 Nemo
February 12, 2012

Software Development 101

Basic Software Development 101 Primer.
Talk taken at SDSLabs, IIT Roorkee



February 12, 2012

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  1. Software Development 101 A Quick Primer

  2. Code is poetry - Most wordpress blogs

  3. Good commit messages Let others know what you did Should

    be self explanatory Should relate to code, not purpose or intent We didn't teach you git for nothin !
  4. Comments Comment to explain on a per module basis Travk

    complex changes in comments Lost of authors Licences Automatic documentation The squiggly things that begin with //
  5. Loose coupling Reduce inter dependency of code Make generic classes

    Abstraction Code becomes easily testable and debuggable This is just another buzz word filler....
  6. Indentation What? It is important Readability Stick to the code

    guide. Create one, if there isn't one Choose from the big projects in the language you are coding in Tabs vs Spaces Missing semicolons
  7. Variable names There are two hard things in computer science:

    cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors
  8. Development Models When will this lecture get over?

  9. Waterfall Model

  10. Iterative Model

  11. None
  12. Some more buzz words You don't need to remember them

  13. Unit Testing

  14. Deployments and automation

  15. Questions? Coz a ninja won't ask them!