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You don't need Blockchain

929e39cbad5d2599dfe72fe89e06de2a?s=47 Nemo
July 08, 2017

You don't need Blockchain

Talk I gave at Mumbai edition of 50p, a Digital Payments conference by HasGeek.

Talk Proposal: https://50p.talkfunnel.com/building-reliable-payment-systems-2017/1-you-dont-need-blockchain

To see the GIF on slide 4 and the spaker notes, you can see the original presentation at https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1n_neRwyMFse-e82qNAgSJ1vsFjT3tvi6pEK4l2xX46Q/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000



July 08, 2017

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  1. Yo u don’t need blockchain* Nemo, @captn3m0

  2. Blockchain 101 - Distributed public ledger - Prevents tampering (immutable)

    - Relies on consensus of majority to maintain the longest chain
  3. None
  4. We aren’t there yet Credits: BlockShow

  5. Regulation

  6. Security

  7. Digitization

  8. Hype

  9. None
  10. Do you need a blockchain? Do you need a Database?

    You don’t need a blockchain No Yes
  11. Do many people need to write to it? You don’t

    need a blockchain No Yes
  12. Guess what is this?

  13. Do these people trust each other? You don’t need a

    blockchain Yes No
  14. None
  15. Do they have one person in common they trust? You

    don’t need a blockchain Yes No
  16. You may need a blockchain!