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A More Humanized Web Design Process for the Client

Cara Nelson
September 23, 2017

A More Humanized Web Design Process for the Client

Is your initial client discovery meeting generating bad ideas around your client’s organizational want and needs? Not focusing on the end user? Wouldn’t it be great to have more enthusiasm, more positive energy, more expertise, and more magic during your first client meeting?

Walk away knowing how to have more productive client meetings with an empathetic design strategy that builds a stronger client bond, hooks clients quicker and creates engaging WordPress sites faster and truly directed toward the end user.

Cara Nelson

September 23, 2017

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  1. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 1 Give people what they need

    and they will value you forever. — Simon Sinek “ A More Humanized Web Design Process for the Client Cara Nelson | swifttrek.com | @SwiftTrek
  2. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 2 Initial Client Contact I hate

    sliders! I WANT all product images to display in a grid format. I love this cool feature on this site. I WANT it on my site I WANT a website designed just like Apple’s I WANT a ALL the links to open in a new window
  3. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 5 How to Improve the Design

    Process The overall experience of a person using a product, service, system or application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use. User Experience It's a creative approach to problem solving that starts with the people you're designing for and ends with new solutions that are custom suited to their needs. Human-Centered Design +
  4. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 6 WHAT do you do? What

    are the services or products that you sell or offer? HOW do you do it? What sets you apart from your competition? WHY do you do it? Very few businesses will actual know WHY they do what the do. WHY is the purpose, cause or belief and the very reason an organization exists. This is usually the story that will draw customers to use their produce or service. Ask “What, How and Why?” by Simon Sinek WHY HOW WHAT
  5. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 7 Asana‘s mission statement: To help

    humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly. Uber‘s mission statement: Transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone. Airbnb‘s mission statement: To connect millions of people in real life all over the world, through a community marketplace – so that you can belong anywhere.
  6. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 8 I am passionate about engaging

    with and helping businesses learn how to do business online in a way that connects their customers with their products and/or services. My “Why”
  7. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 9 How to be more productive?

    What if… How can I… What if… I knew more about my client and their customers before we meet? Become a trusted expert in my clients industry right from the start? I provided more value than my traditional free initial 1-hour consult?
  8. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 10 The Secret to Humanizing the

    Design Process Innovative Solutions That Solve Real Problems Quicker + WHY HOW WHAT + =
  9. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 11 Human Centered Design UX WHY

    The Human Side Get to know the clients industry Be knowledgeable about client products & services Be engage in good conversations Form a team with clients Take inspiration from real people Positive Experience Meet client expectations to gain trust, prove value I offer and become an expert in the eyes of my client The Story A businesses “WHY” becomes the organizations story. It puts beliefs and values in clear words and attracts customers with similar beliefs. This can become the branding or even a businesses niche. Have a deep understanding of who will benefit from my services A more Humanized Design Process for the Client
  10. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 12 New Process starts with a

    short phone call asking:
 • WHAT do you do? • HOW do you do it? • WHY do you do it? • Are you a member of any industry associations • Three direct competitors • Name six adjectives that describe your business, products or services
  11. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 13 Gather information from sources like:

    • Industry news reports and journal articles • Industry market research reports • Competitors website • Trade directories • Industry blogs • Professional associations Industry Trends & Analysis help answer the questions: • What is the current value of the industry? • Is the industry growing? • Who are the major companies/competitors in the industry? • What are some barriers to entry or threats to the industry? • Market size, share and segmentation data. • Industry directories to list in and provide back linking Become passionate about the industry and trends Learn The Industry
  12. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 14 • I can talk the

    industry lingo • Learn who the competitors are • Understand products and pricing • Past and new market trends • Who the customers are • Formulate possible niches Become a Trusted Expert in Your Clients Industry. Learn The Industry
  13. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 16 The goal is to determine:

    •Strengths and weaknesses •Product/service pricing and bundling •Are there things that your client does better than the competition, or vice versa? •Features and functionality. What works and what doesn’t? •Types of content •Where can your client improve? A Niche? •Social media channels Who are the Competitors? Analyze The Competition
  14. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 17 What’s learned about the competition:

    •Better understanding of who the customers are •Possible niche in market where client can shine •New distribution ideas of products and services •Product development: packaging and pricing structure •Where there are improvements to be had •Feature and functionality list including plugin ideas •Themes that the competition use •What platform competitors use. WordPress? •Social media channels It’s Good to Get Nosy… Analyze The Competition
  15. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 18 Analysis of 3 Competitors Analyze

    The Competition 6 | C o m p e t i t o r A n a l y s i s C o m p e t i t o r A n a l y s i s | 7 Elms Interior Design “The mark of a great designer is the ability to see a space and conceptualize the room. Dee is a problem solver with a sophisti- cated design aesthetic, and that really adds up.” — Client, Brookline COMPANY PROFILE: Your home should not only fit your lifestyle, but inspire you every day. Elms Interior Design is a full-service interior design firm with a focus on creating distinctive homes that reflect their owners’ values and personality. Whether we’re transforming an urban penthouse or a coastal vacation home, we listen closely to translate each client’s aspirations to create beautiful, functional spaces — for the life they want to live. Dee Elms is a leader in the Boston design commu- nity, and her work has been featured in many regional and national publications. The firm’s multi- disciplinary practice combines design, architecture, and craftsmanship to manage transformations of any complexity and scale. Our network of talented partners includes leading architects, engineers, and craftspeople who share our dedication to exceptional, highly finished work. Talk to us about bringing your vision to life. Elms Interior Design redesign of an urban condo- minium in Boston’s Back Bay was featured in New England Home. Talk to us about bringing your vision to life. AREAS SERVED Boston, Lexington, Newton, Roslindale, Andover, Ipswich, Methuen, Newbury, Rockport, West Newbury, Beverly, Manchester, Marblehead, Middleton, Peabody, Lincoln, Natick, Sudbury, Weston, Greater Boston Area, New England MOSTLY RESIDENTIAL DESIGN Great imagery but no project details to share about what each project entailed. Address: 535 Albany Street, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02118 Website: www.elmsid.com (built as a WordPress site) Established: Wasn’t mentioned Member of: None noted Certified: Not noted Social media: Houzz, Facebook, Pinterest, Intagram Website Features: Portfolio in grid format, Press: shares publications the company has been featured in, email sign up, a testimonial, blog, contact form A COLLABORATIVE PROCESS Creative Brainstorming: First, we need to get to know you. We’ll meet with you in your space to talk about your lifestyle and values, your needs and aspirations. We listen closely to understand your personal style and gather insights that will inform both design and functionality. We then share inspiration boards, brainstorm ideas, and discuss next steps. Selection & Planning: Here’s where we identify the elements that will define and elevate your space. Whether your project is a renovation or new construc- tion, we will develop a comprehensive design, including well-considered interior architectural plans where required. Your time is valuable, so we simplify decisions by presenting thoughtful choices for your feedback and approval. Project Execution: Finally, our team will execute against the plan, managing every detail of your project and coordinating our dedicated contractors and craftspeople at every step. We will share SERVICES PROVIDED 3D Rendering, Bathroom Design, Bedroom Design, Custom Bathroom Vanities, Custom Cabinets, Custom Home Bars, Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Custom Walk-in Closets, Dining Room Design, Floor Plans, Furniture Selection, Home Office Design, Home Theater Design, House Plans, Interior Design, Kids Bedroom Design, Kitchen Design, Laundry Room Design, Lighting Design, Living Room Design, Nursery Design, Playroom Design, Space Planning, Sustainable Design, Universal Design, Wine Cellar Design, Full-service interior design firm
  16. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 19 S W O T Weakness

    Low reputation Outdated or ineffective design Ineffective calls to action Content that is not customer-centric Confusing structure and navigation Cumbersome checkout process Threats Competitors copying features or ideas Emergence of new competitors Changing customer needs Strength Customer-centric design Effective calls to action Useful and relevant content Intuitive navigation and search Quick and easy checkout process Responsive design Opportunities New technologies to improve user experience New product/services New niches and market segments New design trends S.W.O.T. Analysis Discover important characteristics to a website’s success and potentially harmful factors
  17. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 20 Defining the various segments based

    on customer needs, helps remain the focus on how to attract the audience most likely to appreciate and value a specific product or service. Segmented Audience
  18. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 21 •Recognize that every person is

    not equally drawn to every product or service •Identify groups of people who share a common need that can be satisfied •Define the various customer needs Understand the many types of people you’re designing for: Segmented Audience
  19. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 22 Taking both traditional classroom and

    online courses to gain college credits prior to high school graduation High School Students Perspective new student looking to apply to 2 or 4 year colleges Graduating High School Students Alumni Looking to advance their learning while still working and managing their family life Working Parents Looking for educational programs to advance employees Corporations Looking attend events and take workshops Local people in the Community Looking to make donation Attending events Segmented Audience For Non-profit Higher Education
  20. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 24 Industry search terms: Industry name

    with these keywords: “ industry news”, “industry trends” “2017”, “market reports”, “segmented audience”… Discover if competitors are using WordPress, what plugins and template: whatwpthemeisthat.com isitwp.com Wappalyzer.com is a in browser extension technology detector It detects CMS, ecommerce platforms, web frameworks, server software Keyword search: Google AdWords Keyword Planner www.spyfu.com serps.com/tools/keyword-research/ Research Sources:
  21. Cara Nelson | [email protected] 25 Question Questions? A more Humanized

    Design Process for the Client https://www.slideshare.net/CaraNelson1/humanize-the-design-process