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Semantics mean something

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January 31, 2017

Semantics mean something

A three minute lightning talk I gave at a Digital, Data and Technology event in government.

The words we use affect how we act which shapes what we do. Most people use words *unconsciously* but we need to watch what we say if we want to build the right kind of service delivery culture.



January 31, 2017


  1. @charles_rt Semantics mean something Change our words, change our services

  2. @charles_rt “This event is focused on the needs of our

  3. @charles_rt No it isn't!

  4. @charles_rt Businesses don’t have needs

  5. @charles_rt Users have needs

  6. @charles_rt Users.

  7. @charles_rt Users. Not customers.

  8. None
  9. A person who buys goods or a service Customer (noun)

  10. None
  11. None
  12. @charles_rt Good customer service

  13. @charles_rt Good customer service

  14. @charles_rt They have to use our service

  15. @charles_rt They have to use our service

  16. @charles_rt They have to user our service

  17. The activity of buying and selling goods and services Business

  18. @charles_rt Business. Government.

  19. @charles_rt “This event is focused on the needs of our

  20. @charles_rt “This event is focused on the needs of government…”

  21. @charles_rt Government doesn’t have needs

  22. @charles_rt Users have needs

  23. @charles_rt Users.

  24. @charles_rt Users. Not customers.

  25. @charles_rt User needs vs Government needs

  26. The goal should be to remove anything, including language, that

    creates a sense of ‘us and them’ when working on a public service. Ben Holliday, DWP Head of User Experience and Design http://www.hollidazed.co.uk/2016/12/05/the-problem-with-customer/ “
  27. @charles_rt Government is a means to meeting the needs of

    its users
  28. @charles_rt Government is a means can’t have needs

  29. @charles_rt Government can have goals

  30. @charles_rt Government can have motivations

  31. @charles_rt Government can have ends

  32. @charles_rt Government can’t have needs

  33. @charles_rt “This event is focused on the needs of government…”

  34. @charles_rt “This event is focused on the goals of government…”

  35. @charles_rt Build the right kind of delivery culture

  36. @charles_rt Services that meet the needs of users

  37. @charles_rt Services that matter

  38. @charles_rt It's not just semantics

  39. @charles_rt Semantics mean something

  40. @charles_rt Thank you ✌