Lean Inception: Defining Products

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December 11, 2019

Lean Inception: Defining Products

Caker Maurício.


Cheesecake Labs

December 11, 2019


  1. Lean Inception

  2. Lean Inception Defining Products in a collaborative way

  3. Introduction Lean Inception is an collaborative process that helps in

    product inception, definition and alignment in a collaborative way
  4. MPV

  5. Agenda Burn-up

  6. Week Planning

  7. Parking Lot It's an essential facilitator tool, it turns possible

    to say to participants that "this is important, but not this time".
  8. War Room

  9. Key Elements Burn-up Agenda War room Facilitador (talk) Planned Agenda

    Parking Lot Collaboration Ice Break
  10. Product Vision To [final customer], that [problem to be solved],

    the [product name] is an [categori] that [reason to purchase]. Different of [alternative product]
  11. The Product IS ISN'T DON'T DO DO

  12. If you have to resume your product in tree objectives,

    which with be them? Product Objectives
  13. Trade-Off

  14. Personas To identify the effective features of a system it's

    important to consider your customer and objectives. The usual way to represent those is by creating personas (PATTON, 2010).
  15. Empathy Map The empathy map is a visual template for

    identifying and visualizing a persona. Originally designed for consumer segment analysis, it is an excellent tool for classifying, exploring, and understanding different types of personas.
  16. Features What's needed in the product that allow that person

    to achieve that objective?
  17. Features The description of a feature should be as simple

    as possible. If the user is trying to do something the product must have a feature for it. What feature is this?
  18. Features Technical Alignment & Business Alignment

  19. Effort and Business Value This activity aims to discuss how

    the team understands the effort to make the feature, as well as its associated business value.
  20. Feature Sequence Rule 1: A wave can contain a maximum

    of 3 features. Role 2: A wave cannot contain more than one feature in Red card. Rule 3: A wave cannot contain three features, only on yellow and red cards. Rule 4: The sum of effort of features may not exceed 5 Es. Rule 5: The sum of features may not be less than 4 $ s. Rule 6: A wave must contain at least 2 features.
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