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How do we create the first impressions?

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September 30, 2020

How do we create the first impressions?

Caker Natalia Ferreira


Cheesecake Labs

September 30, 2020


  1. How do we create the first impressions? Theories of social

  2. The study of our knowledge of the social world, how

    we interact and perceive the world as actors and spectators. Social Cognition
  3. Impressions are notions that are created in contact with people

    and that give us an interpretive framework to evaluate them. Impressions
  4. It allows generalizing characteristics in order to simplify information, organizing

    and giving meanings. There are three types of evaluation: Affective Moral Instrumental. *All of this is influenced by our personal constructs. Categorization
  5. Primacy Effect Tendency to give more importance to first impressions

    about a person than to further information. Corresponds to the durability or persistence of first impressions. (Asch, 1946)
  6. Halo Effect Tendency to capture the characteristics that will confirm

    the first impression.
  7. A primeira impressão é a que fica

  8. It is the way of categorizing people through signs and

    information, predicting their behavior and theirs and attitudes. Expectations
  9. None
  10. Be careful when assuming an expectation of first impression, it

    does not always correlate with reality.
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  12. References: Processos fundamentais da cognição O efeito da percepção