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Menstrual cup: suit and freedom

Menstrual cup: suit and freedom

Caker: Helena Maes


Cheesecake Labs

September 02, 2020


  1. Menstrual Cup Suit and freedom

  2. What is this cup about, anyway?

  3. Menstrual cup is a small cup of medicinal silicone, which

    collects blood from your period and only needs to be changed every 12 hours. The material has high quality and is super durable. It's a revolution for your menstrual period. <3 Menstrual cup Ref: Inciclo
  4. Benefits

  5. • A person who has up to 35 years of

    menstrual cycles can use up to 10.000 pads in a lifetime. • You can use the menstrual cup during 10 years • It dissolves in 50 years in nature, without major damage to the environment - against almost 450 years of traditional pads. Environment impact Ref: G1
  6. • It stimulates self-knowledge through the contact with your intimate

    health and the perception of your own cycle. • When using a menstrual cup, some people realize that their cycle is less intense than they thought before. Self-knowledge
  7. • You can feel good and safe even during those

    days. • Less worries about possible accidents - which brings you truly peace of mind, trust me. • You can't feel anything when you're using it right - I'm serious. So remind of changing it at least in each 10~12 hours. Comfort
  8. • Since the blood is not in contact with the

    air, handling it is more hygienic, healthier, and doesn't cause characteristic odors. • You must boil the cup at the beginning and at the end of the menstrual period. You can use a glass or an agate pot. Hygiene
  9. • During those days, you can just wash it with

    water and neutral soap. • It's normal for the silicone to turn yellowish over the years. • To make it clearer again, there are some methods that use hydrogen peroxide or baking soda. Hygiene
  10. • Little accidents may happen at the first time and

    it's ok - you'll learn to insert the cup correctly. • During the first tries, you can use both a menstrual cup and a traditional pad - or absorbent panties, so you can feel more secure. • Most of brands give your money back if you don't get used to it in the first year. Getting used to it
  11. Folds Ref: Inciclo

  12. Different models and sizes

  13. • Most of brands offers at least 2~3 sizes: ◦

    One for people under 30yo who have never had children ◦ Another one for people above 30yo OR who had children, no matter how old you are ◦ Teenagers • Plus: some brands like Inciclo created a new model which allows people to have sex even when using it. Models
  14. • You can cut it off the tip in order

    to turning the corners smooth, using a nail file or a small sterile scissors Hot tip
  15. • Facebook group: Coletores Brasil - menstrual cups • Inciclo

    • Fleurity • Korui • Meluna Learn more
  16. Thank you and welcome to the cup universe!