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Cats' wellness & care

Cats' wellness & care

Caker: Helena Maes

Cheesecake Labs

November 11, 2020

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  1. Cats' wellness & care Some tips from a Cat Lover

    who wanna see them taking over the world
  2. Food & Water

  3. • Low sodium • Not colored • Not in bulk

    • Avoid: Whiskas • Go for it: Golden Bonus: snacks for oral treatment or toothpaste for cats Dry food
  4. • Wet food is necessary to keep their hydration ok

    • 1/3 sachet per day • Sachet popsicle in the summer • Go for it: Whiskas Wet food
  5. • More than one bowl of water • Ice in

    the summer • Water fountain Water
  6. • Good materials • Avoid common plastic • Go for

    it: glass, ceramics, clay, fiberglass • High feeder Feeder
  7. Feeder Image source: gatinhobranco.com stomach esophagus compressed stomach compromised joints

    stomach esophagus elbow ✅
  8. Feeder • Slow feeder

  9. Hygiene

  10. • Closed bathroom with charcoal filter • Strainer • Remove

    the door • Go for it: wood grain • Avoid: silica sand Sandbox
  11. Bath • Why not bathe cats? • Baby wipes

  12. Environment improvement

  13. Gatification Bonus: tips on how to prevent your cat from

    scratching the couch
  14. Health & security ⚕

  15. • Vaccines • FIV/Felv test • Blood test • Castration

    ALWAYS (even if it's a kitten) • Contraceptive injection NEVER Bonus: • Always leave the transport box available on a daily basis • Watch out for geckos Vet
  16. • Install safety nets over the windows, even in the

    bathroom • Block all the escape routes • How can cats escape through such small spaces? • Be careful when opening the door Life expectancy of a cat without access to the street: 15 years Life expectancy of a cat with street access: 3 years Safety nets
  17. Thank you!