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Introducing Kanban

3c92732f54e237c3a079fbd51c783697?s=47 Cliff Hazell
November 11, 2014

Introducing Kanban


Cliff Hazell

November 11, 2014


  1. A Journey of Learning @ixhd Cliff Hazell Introducing Kanban as

    an Instrument of Change @AJ_Amjidali Amjid Ali
  2. Unhappy Stakeholders “We’re always firefighting” 80+ Projects

  3. Employee happiness up massively “We’re in control for the first

    time” 300% Delivery increase 15 Projects in Flight
  4. Caption here Descriptive Title

  5. Einstein "We can't solve problems with the same thinking we

    used to create them"
  6. Stop inflicting help, Build a legacy Lesson 1: Help people

    solve their own problem
  7. Change Team

  8. PMO

  9. Restructuring

  10. Change Agent

  11. Evolutionary, not revolutionary change Lesson 2: You can’t fix everything

  12. Small batches get delivery flowing

  13. Visibility

  14. Limit Change in Process (CIP)

  15. It’s about Humans, and we’re not fungible Lesson 3: Take

    people on the journey with you
  16. Story Time and Possibility

  17. 100% utilisation is bad for Coaches too

  18. Have fun together!

  19. Evolution before Revolution Help people solve visible problems Take people

    on your Journey
  20. Cliff Hazell @ixhd Thank you Amjid Ali @AJ_AmjidAli