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Be Best at getting Better

3c92732f54e237c3a079fbd51c783697?s=47 Cliff Hazell
November 08, 2017

Be Best at getting Better

(Slides from LKCE 2017 in Hamburg)

Many people look at Spotify and see a "Model" for working.
This talk is about how we improve how we work, and why thats more interesting than any published method or "model".


Cliff Hazell

November 08, 2017

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  1. Be best at getting better Cliff Hazell Coach and Chapter

    Lead - Spotify Twitter: @ixhd
  2. None
  3. Founded 2006 60 markets, 140m+ active users 3000+ employees 25

    Offices $5bn paid to rights holders 30m+ songs 2bn+ playlist
  4. 2012?

  5. All models are wrong… some are useful (just a snap

    shot) (lots of variety) (many changes)
  6. “something something all models are wrong…” * “George Box”

  7. Toyota’s… Loom?

  8. “Be the best at getting better”

  9. Common traps Tricks to get out

  10. “Too busy” Local Optima “Fear”

  11. “too busy to improve”? Some say…

  12. None
  13. “More companies die of indigestion than starvation”

  14. Too busy to improve?

  15. “Each organisation is perfectly designed for the results it’s achieving”

  16. <Inject some improvement> Hack days, Hack weeks. Visualise the improvements.

    Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean Recognised “Hack Time”
  17. Local Optima Local

  18. None
  19. Lack Information? Break the Silos!

  20. “Decentralising control requires decentralising both authority to make decisions and

    the information to make them correctly” Don Reinertsen
  21. None
  22. Lack of Diversity

  23. None
  24. None
  25. Why is this important?

  26. None
  27. “Low risk” and Analysis Paralysis Fear of failure…

  28. Safe to fail?

  29. None
  30. Culturally safe

  31. None
  32. None
  33. Pelle 1:1 Coaching and Training

  34. Technologically safe

  35. Invest in technology that enables recovery. ‣ CI ‣ CD

    ‣ Slice experiments smaller. Release day?
  36. In Closing…

  37. “We don’t have time to change how we work” “People

    won’t do work if we don’t tell them!” “Learning, Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching is too expensive!”
  38. Thank you Cliff Hazell Coach Chapter Lead - Spotify Find

    me on Twitter: @ixhd