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Super Debugger

Super Debugger

Jason Brennan gives a demo of:

> a debugging tool that works over the network to do real-time
> inspection and manipulation of iOS apps (that is, without need
> to set break points). It does this with a REPL console with some
> handy tools for quickly making changes and testing them.


October 11, 2012

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  3. 1

  4. Jason Brennan

  5. Jason Brennan Cocoa Engineer

  6. Jason Brennan Cocoa Engineer at Shopify

  7. Runtime Spelunker

  8. db

  9. State

  10. State of the Art:

  11. lldb

  12. “Photographers have Photoshop, as Developers we have the Worst tools”

  13. Change. Compile. Run.

  14. Change. Compile. Wait!

  15. Bret Victor

  16. Bret Victor Inventing on Principle

  17. “Social activists typically fight by organizing but you can fight

    by inventing.”
  18. Creators should see their changes reflected immediately

  19. State?

  20. Philippe Mougin

  21. F-Script

  22. Object Browser

  23. State of the Art.

  24. super

  25. A Cocoa REPL

  26. Inspect your Objects

  27. Wirelessly.

  28. No Breakpoints.

  29. See changes instantly

  30. Demonstration

  31. THANKS