A smörgåsbord of testing

A smörgåsbord of testing

The controversy over writing tests and TDD is over. The benefits to the design, development and maintenance of your code are real and well known. In 2013, it is simply unprofessional to eschew tests for production code.

Given this, developers need to move beyond the basics of testing and gain a deeper understanding of the art. This entails knowing the patterns and anti-patterns of effective test suites, understanding what to test and how to do it, and a mastery of the many fantastic testing tools in the Python ecosystem.

Bad tests are a genuine menace. A poorly considered test suite pours concrete over your codebase, hindering maintenance and development.

This talk isn't an introduction to testing and TDD. Rather, it is a mixed buffet of tips, anti-patterns, tools and techniques for effective testing.


David Winterbottom

September 20, 2013