The truth is out there, and you've probably got it wrong

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June 14, 2012

The truth is out there, and you've probably got it wrong

This was my fourth Pecha Kucha, delivered at Pecha Kucha Barnsley 5. It was me professing my addiction to QI, and talking about my favourite facts.



June 14, 2012


  1. The truth is out there, and you’ve probably got it

    wrong Craig Burgess (he’s the guy waving his arms about)
  2. None
  3. Chicken Tikka Masala is exported to India. Glasgow invented it.

  4. None
  5. Dogs make di erent noises depending on where they’re from.

  6. None
  7. Humans have at least 9 senses. The rest are argued

  8. None
  9. Camals are just fat bastards.

  10. None
  11. Hippos have killed more people than John McClane.

  12. None
  13. Iron Maiden lied to you. 616 is the number of

    the beast.
  14. None
  15. Thomas Crapper didn’t invent the thing you thought he did.

  16. None
  17. Gorillas live in nests. Barnacles are better endowed than Ron

    Jeremy. You’re twice as likely to die being hit by an asteroid than you are lightning. Your job is probably 3 times more dangerous than going to war (unless you’re a soldier, then you’re safe).
  18. Co ee isn’t made from beans. Mars isn’t red. There

    isn’t 50 states in the USA. Centipedes don’t have 100 legs. Alexander Bell didn’t invent the telephone. The French didn’t invent the guillotine. The Americans didn’t invent baseball.

  20. Thanks. He’s saying it right now, but his name is

    Craig Burgess. He has a Twitter. It’s @craigburgess. There’s a website too, it’s