Cannabis stem tea is much like its name implies. This dank concoction is actually a hot brew made from the byproduct stems left over from the marijuana plant once the buds have been removed (and probably consumed). It is relatively simple to produce, and sizeable batches can be steeped if you choose to share with your friends or throw a 420-friendly tea party.
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However, this tendency is also considered to be a sign of inferior plants. A good mother plant will not show signs of hermaphroditism even when subjected to this kind of stress. All cannabis can turn, but high-quality genetics will resist the urge the most.
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Outdoor growers and indoor soil growers have an advantage when it comes to pH. They have a greater margin of error. The colonies of microorganisms that form in organic growing matter act as buffers and filters and help keep pH between 6.5 and 7 most of the time cannabis seeds.


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