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Why Blogging matters? | Lila Tzamousi

December 04, 2015

Why Blogging matters? | Lila Tzamousi

The slides from Lila's presentation at the 2nd Crete WordPress Meetup.


December 04, 2015

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  1. Why blogging matters? Brought to you by Master Yoda

  2. Personal & Corporate Blog

  3. Personal Blog • Εxpress yourself • Become a better Jedi

    • Move on to Grand Master of the Jedi Order • Find other Rebels • Define your identity • Your blog will be your R2D2
  4. Corporate Blog • Attract your fellow Rebels and… Customers •

    Your voice will be spread everywhere • Teach your young apprentices • Establish your expertise across the Galaxy • Fight for better SEO and page rankings
  5. Use the Force* *the content

  6. Dark or Light Side of the Force?

  7. Stay on the Light Side of the Force • Don’t

    give in to the Empire • Your content should be written for the human, not the droid • Because droids keep getting smarter and they know what you did • Don’t forget to update it regularly - news travel fast through the Galaxy
  8. Stay on the Light Side of the Force • Provide

    valuable information for all Rebel Alliance • Beware of the duplicate content - you know what happens to the Clones • Join forces with Han Solo - Luke did not make it by himself
  9. Jedi or Sith?

  10. None