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DevRel? What?

Christopher Wilcox
November 17, 2021

DevRel? What?

Talk to Ada Developers Academy before a panel from Google DevRel for Q and A with the current cohort.

Christopher Wilcox

November 17, 2021


  1. - Aja Hammerly @the_thagomizer “I make explosion noises at my

    computer when demos fail and get paid for it.”
  2. - Brian Dorsey @briandorsey “I travel the world, excited to

    learn about how our products are broken.”
  3. - Colt McAnlis @duhroach “I’m the one Developers yell at

    when the platform isn’t working how they want; And I’m the one the engineers yell at when the developers aren’t using it right.”
  4. - Terrence Ryan @tpryan “I go places and talk to

    people about products, but don’t care if you buy them.”
  5. Googler Panel Khanh Nguyen (she/her) Developer Relations Engineer Flutter +

    Dart Chris Wilcox Developer Relations Engineer Google DevRel Kaslin Fields (she/her) Developer Advocate Google Cloud (Google Kubernetes Engine) Brian Dorsey (he/they) Developer Relations Engineer Advocacy-Google Cloud (VMs) Ace Nassri (he/him)? Developer Relations Engineer Serverless DevRel Shubha Rajan (she/they) Developer Relations Engineer Databases DevRel Masked Googler Very Official Much Wow Product Meredith Slota (she/her) DRE Engineering Manager Databases & Data Analytics
  6. Seed Questions if Needed - What is your favorite part

    of Developer Relations? (Kaslin, Ace) - What is your least favorite? (Brian) - What career/job did you have before DevRel? (Meredith, Khanh) - Is there anything specific that's made you think "Wow, this SWE would really excel as a DevRel instead?" and what was that? (Or what was the turning point for you to switch gears?) (Ace, Brian) - Talking about DevRole's feature as being 'Online Communicator' how do you keep a balance between being polite and at the same time give a good lesson to online jerks out there? And how do you learn to handle it (Shubha, Khanh) - How do you measure your impact? (Brian, Ace) - How the DevRel role is different than Product Manager' role? As far as I see these roles are pretty similar, both of them advocating for the end user experience and always think how to improve user's experience (which in DevRel case is Developers). How would you differentiate Dev Rel vs. Business Solutions Architect vs. Product Manager? :) (Meredith, Ace, Brian, Shubha ) - Who would be the good candidate for DevRel? Technical/Personal characters? - Considering what you'll have to accomplish lots of things within your DevRel role, what would be your top 3 KPI's at your role? (Chris, Ace, Kaslin, Shubha) -