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Yojimbo in Mifune's Blade 1of2

James Roy Jaculina
March 01, 2024

Yojimbo in Mifune's Blade 1of2

Yojimbo, A Ronin -For-Hire, was beaten up for doing the right thing.
Reuniting a Mother with her child.
Somewhat healed, he now must do the "right thing" again.

Rescue his Bartender Buddy (BB) from the Goon Squad that assaulted him in the first place.
The Odds are 9 to 1. Seems a bit unfair, if your a Goon.

Just in there was a late arrival, the odds are now 10 to 1.
It's still not good, if your a goon.

James Roy Jaculina

March 01, 2024


  1. Action Notes Earlier beaten for reuniting a mother with her

    child, Yojimbo returns to save his Bartender Bud from The Goon Squad.