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AWS re:Invent 2016 Keynotes Announcements

AWS re:Invent 2016 Keynotes Announcements

December 8th, 2016

All the AWS announcements in the re:Invent 2016 keynotes on Wednesday and Thursday.

Danilo Poccia

December 08, 2016

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  1. A W S r e : I n v e

    n t r e : C a p Danilo Poccia Technical Evangelist @danilop
  2. Wednesday re:Invent 2016

  3. Most Robust, Fully-Featured Technology Infrastructure Platform HYBRID ARCHITECTURE Data Backups

    Integrated App Deployments Direct Connect Identity Federation Integrated Resource Management Integrated Networking VMware Integration MARKETPLACE Business Apps Databases DevOps Tools Networking Security Storage Business Intelligence INFRASTRUCTURE Availability Zones Points of Presence Regions CORE SERVICES Compute VMs, Auto-scaling, Load Balancing, Containers, Cloud functions Storage Object, Blocks, File, Archivals, Import/Export Databases Relational, NoSQL, Caching, Migration CDN Networking VPC, DX, DNS Access Control Identity Management Key Management & Storage Monitoring & Logs SECURITY & COMPLIANCE Resource & Usage Auditing Configuration Compliance Web application firewall Assessment and reporting TECHNICAL & BUSINESS SUPPORT Support Professional Services Account Management Partner Ecosystem Solutions Architects Training & Certification Security & Billing Reports Optimization Guidance ENTERPRISE APPS Backup Corporate Email Sharing & Collaboration Virtual Desktops IoT Rules Engine Registry Device Shadows Device Gateway Device SDKs DEVELOPMENT & OPERATIONS MOBILE SERVICES APP SERVICES ANALYTICS Data Warehousing Hadoop/ Spark Streaming Data Collection Machine Learning Elastic Search Push Notifications Identity Sync Resource Templates One-click App Deployment Triggers Containers DevOps Resource Management Application Lifecycle Management API Gateway Transcoding Queuing & Notifications Email Workflow Search Streaming Data Analysis Business Intelligence Mobile Analytics Single Integrated Console Mobile App Testing Data Pipelines Petabyte-Scale Data Migration Database Migration Schema Conversion Application Migration MIGRATION
  4. 516 0 250 500 750 1000 2008 2009 2010 2011

    2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Pace Of Innovation: New Capabilities Daily Launches 24 ~1000 48 61 82 159 280 722
  5. A Broad Spectrum Of Compute Capabilities In The AWS Cloud

    P2 M4 D2 X1 G2 T2 R3 I2 C4 General Purpose GPU General Purpose Dense storage Large memory Graphics intensive Memory intensive High I/O Compute intensive Burstable
  6. Expanding The T2 Family With Larger Instance Types Generally Available

    Today T2.large 8 GiB 2 vCPU T2.xlarge 16 GiB 4 vCPU T2.2xlarge 32 GiB 8 vCPU 2X memory 4X memory T2.medium 4 GiB 2 vCPU T2.small 2 GiB 1 vCPU T2.micro 1 GiB 1 vCPU T2.nano 0.5GiB 1 vCPU
  7. R4: Next Generation Memory-Optimized Instances 488 GiB memory DDR4 64

    vCPUs L3 cache R4 2X vCPUs R3 244 GiB memory DDR3 32 vCPUs L3 cache Generally Available Today 1.8X size 2X fast 2X memory High performance databases Distributed memory caches In-memory analytics Genome analysis
  8. I2 365k IOPS 32 vCPUs I3: Next Generation I/O-Intensive Instances

    3.3 million IOPS 488 GiB memory 64 vCPUs 15.2 TB NVMe SSD I3 2X vCPUs 2X memory 2.3X storage 9X IOPS Coming Soon NoSQL databases (Cassandra and MongoDB) Scale out transactional databases Data warehousing Hadoop Cluster file systems 244 GiB memory 6.4 TB SSD
  9. C5: Next Generation Compute-Optimized Instances with Intel “Skylake” AVX 512

    2X performance Coming Soon 72 vCPUs “Skylake” 144 GiB memory C5 12 Gbps to EBS 2.4X memory 3X throughput 2X vCPUs C4 36 vCPUs “Haswell” 60 GiB memory 4 Gbps to EBS
  10. A Broad Spectrum Of Compute Capabilities In The AWS Cloud

    P2 M4 D2 X1 G2 T2 R4 I3 C5 General Purpose GPU General Purpose Dense storage Large memory Graphics intensive Memory intensive High I/O Compute intensive Burstable
  11. Elastic GPUs For EC2 Use Graphics GPUs As If They

    Were EBS Volumes Preview Available Today
  12. Elastic GPUs For EC2: GPU Acceleration For Graphics Workloads 1GiB

    GPU Memory 2 GiB 4 GiB 8 GiB Current Generation EC2 Instance
  13. Simple Workloads Often Have Simple Requirements Web sites Blogs Dev

    Environment Prototyping Build Servers VPC networking Subnets IAM policies Storage Security groups
  14. Amazon Lightsail Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Made Easy Generally Available

  15. 1. Choose Image 2. Select Size 3. Pick A Name

    Amazon Lightsail: VPS Made Easy on AWS Two flavors of Linux, Wordpress, Magneto, Drupal, Joomla and other popular tools Up To 8GiB, 2 vCPUs, 80GiB SSD Click ‘Create instance’, and you’re done.
  16. $5 Per month Amazon Lightsail: VPS Made Easy on AWS

    Launch VM Attach SSD Storage Create Security Groups Manage IAM Create Static IP Create Instance Created By Amazon Lightsail Setup DNS GO!
  17. What About Hardware Acceleration?

  18. F1 Instances New Instance Family With Customizable Field Programmable Gate

    Arrays Run Your Custom Logic On EC2 Preview Available Today
  19. Bringing Hardware Acceleration To All F1 Instances F1 Instance With

    your custom logic running on an FPGA Develop, simulate, debug & compile your code Package as FPGA Images FPGA Images Available In AWS Marketplace
  20. We Love Ourselves Some Compute General Purpose GPU General Purpose

    Dense storage Large memory Burstable Memory intensive High I/O Compute intensive Simple VPS FPGAs P2 M4 D2 X1 G2 T2 R4 I3 C5 Lightsail F1 Graphics intensive Elastic GPUs On EC2
  21. The Ability to Understand Your Customers And Business Better Through

    Analytics Real-time streaming data Data Warehouse Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Hive, Presto, Mahout, Pig, Zeppelin Elasticsearch Business Intelligence Machine Learning Amazon Kinesis Amazon Redshift Amazon EMR Amazon Elasticsearch Amazon QuickSight Amazon Machine Learning
  22. Making Petabyte-scale Analytics Accessible To Companies Of All Sizes Data

    Warehouse Amazon Redshift Hadoop, Spark & Presto Amazon EMR Ad-hoc queries against S3 Without spinning up clusters of instances
  23. Amazon Athena Interactive query service that makes it easy to

    analyze data in Amazon S3 using standard SQL Generally Available Today
  24. Amazon Athena: Interactive Queries On Data In S3 No need

    to move data to Athena Query S3 directly & right away No infrastructure or clusters to setup & manage Fast results within seconds Pay for just the queries you run
  25. Introducing Amazon AI Bringing Powerful Artificial Intelligence To All Developers

  26. Amazon Rekognition Image Recognition And Analysis Powered By Deep Learning

    Generally Available Today 1
  27. Amazon Rekognition: Images In, Categories and Facial Analysis Out Amazon

    Rekognition Car Outside Daytime Driving Objects & Scenes Female Smiling Sunglasses Faces
  28. Amazon Rekognition: Recognize, Search & Understand Images Easy to use

    Batch analysis Real time analysis Low cost Continually improving
  29. Amazon Polly Text To Speech Powered By Deep Learning Generally

    Available Today 2
  30. Amazon Polly: Text In, Life-like Speech Out Amazon Polly “The

    temperature in WA is 75°F” “The temperature in Washington is 75 degrees Fahrenheit”
  31. Amazon Polly: Text In, Life-like Speech Out Returns an MP3

    audio stream Unlimited replay Fully managed Lightning fast responses
  32. Amazon ALEXA (It’s what’s inside Alexa) Preview Available Today 3

    Natural Language Understanding (NLU) & Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Powered By Deep Learning Natural Language Understanding (NLU) & Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Powered By Deep Learning
  33. Amazon Lex: Speech Recognition & Natural Language Understanding Amazon Lex

    Automatic Speech Recognition Natural Language Understanding “What’s the weather forecast?” Weather Forecast
  34. Amazon Lex: Speech Recognition & Natural Language Understanding Amazon Lex

    Automatic Speech Recognition Natural Language Understanding “What’s the weather forecast?” “It will be sunny and 75°F” Weather Forecast
  35. Amazon Lex: Build Natural, Conversational Interactions In Voice & Text

    Integrated development in the AWS console Fully managed Trigger Lambda functions Continually improving ASR & NLU models Enterprise connectors Multi-step conversations
  36. Migrating Databases To AWS 14,000+ databases migrated Migrate between on-prem

    and AWS Migrate between databases Automated schema conversion Data replication for zero downtime migrations
  37. PostgreSQL For Aurora Aurora is now fully compatible with both

    PostgreSQL and MySQL Preview Available Today
  38. Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition 1/10th The Cost Of Commercial Grade

    Databases Fully PostgreSQL Compatible Several times better performance than typical PostgreSQL database Scalable, Durable and Secure Migrate From RDS For PostgreSQL
  39. What Constitutes On-Premises Infrastructure? Sensors & IoT Devices Physical Servers

    In Data Centers
  40. Challenges Of Devices Living On The Edge Round-trip latency Intermittent

    connectivity Expensive bandwidth Programming and updating embedded software needs specialized skills Limited to what is on the device unless you rewrite or program the device
  41. AWS Greengrass Embed Lambda Compute (& Other AWS Services) in

    Connected Devices Preview Available Today Use The Same AWS Programming Model In Devices And The Cloud
  42. AWS Greengrass: Local Compute, Messaging & Data Caching Local compute

    Local data caching Secure communications Local messaging
  43. AWS Greengrass: How It Works Built into devices at manufacture

    Install the Greengrass runtime Lambda functions on AWS & devices Manage from AWS Console Same programming model Local communication and orchestration
  44. Excitement for Amazon Greengrass From Partners & Customers Operating Systems,

    Devices, & System-On-A-Chip IoT Products & Deployments
  45. AWS Snowball Edge A New Hybrid Device With On-Board Storage

    & Compute Generally Available Today
  46. AWS Snowball Edge: Petabyte-Scale Data Transport, With On-board Compute E-ink

    shipping label Rugged enclosure Color control touchscreen Rack mountable Integrated cable housing 100TB capacity On-device encryption
  47. Clustering capabilities 100 TB storage S3 endpoint Greengrass inside Lambda

    on m4.4xl equivalent Automatic sharing across devices AWS Snowball Edge: Petabyte-Scale Data Transport, With On-board Compute
  48. AWS Snowmobile Generally Available Today Introducing

  49. AWS Snowmobile: 100PB Container 45-foot long rugged container & truck

    Connect to your datacenter with fiber cable Fill ‘er Up! Transports Data To AWS
  50. AWS Snowmobile: Exabyte-Scale Data Transport With 10Gbps, dedicated connection ~6

    months With AWS Snowmobile(s) ~26 years
  51. Thursday re:Invent 2016

  52. What Are The Best Practices Of Transformational Development?

  53. Security Performance efficiency Cost optimization Reliability Well-Architected Framework Operational excellence

  54. Introducing The Well-Architected Framework Course With Broader And Deeper Content

  55. A Year In Amazon CloudFormation 20 additional services 20 services

    updated YAML support Role-based stack creation Change sets Cross-stack references Failure recovery Resource schemas Prepare
  56. AWS OpsWorks For Chef Automate Fully managed Chef server NEW

    Prepare Generally Available Today
  57. Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Collection of AWS tools for package

    installation, patching, resource configuration, and task automation Prepare NEW Generally Available Today
  58. AWS CodeBuild NEW Operate Generally Available Today Build service for

    compiling source code and running unit tests !"#
  59. AWS X-Ray NEW Operate Analyze and debug distributed applications in

    production Preview Available Today
  60. fanout-00002 AWS X-Ray NEW hello-1.mbfzqxzcpe.us-east-.. hello-2.mbfzqxzcpe.us-east-.. fanout-00005 fanout-00003 throttle DynamoDB

    index DynamoDB fanout-00004 400 traces/min avg - 0.30 ms 600 traces / min avg - 0.19 ms 1000 traces /min avg - 0.13 ms 400 traces / min avg - 0.30 ms 1000 traces / min avg - 0.28 ms 400 traces / min avg - 0.30 ms 850 traces / min avg - 0.16 ms 850 traces / min avg - 0.17 ms Client Client 800 traces / min avg - 0.19 ms fanout-00001 560 traces / min avg - 0.19 ms fanout-00006
  61. AWS X-Ray NEW

  62. AWS X-Ray NEW

  63. AWS Personal Health Dashboard NEW Respond Personalized view of AWS

    service health Generally Available Today
  64. Web applications running on AWS are already protected by Shield

    Standard - no action is required Protection from volumetric and state exhaustion attacks NEW Respond Generally Available Today AWS Shield For Everyone
  65. For additional protection against very large and sophisticated attacks AWS

    Shield Advanced Respond NEW Generally Available Today
  66. Respond Advanced notifications via CloudWatch Cost protection on ELB, CloudFront,

    Route 53 24/7 DDoS response team and support WAF included at no additional cost AWS Shield Advanced
  67. NEW Targeting Targeted push notifications for mobile apps Amazon Pinpoint

    Generally Available Today
  68. Understand user behavior Define who to engage Deliver notifications Track

    campaign results Amazon Pinpoint
  69. S3 Storage Management S3 Data Events in CloudTrail S3 Object

    Tagging S3 Analytics - Storage Class Analysis S3 CloudWatch Metrics S3 Inventory Innovations In S3 NEW
  70. Integrated with: Fully-managed data catalog and ETL service S3, RDS,

    Redshift & any JDBC-compliant data store AWS Glue NEW
  71. Build Your Data Catalog

  72. Generate And Edit Transformations

  73. Schedule And Run Your Jobs

  74. 2. Source Data S3 Upload Kinesis Firehose DynamoDB Streams Snowball

    Snowball Edge Snowmobile 3. Lifecycle management and cold storage 5. Data governance, security, privacy 8. Preparing for Analytics 9. Orchestration and job scheduling Analytics Database Migration Service 1. Ingestion Datastore target 4. Metadata capture 10. Capturing data change Athena EMR Elasticsearch Redshift AI Machine Learning Quicksight RDS DynamoDB EFS S3 EBS 6. Self-service discovery, search, access Glacier 7. Managing data quality EMR Glue The Modern Data Architecture On AWS
  75. Install batch software Manage job interdependencies Manage job queues Schedule

    jobs Provision server cluster Scale server cluster Challenges Of Large-Scale Batch Processing
  76. AWS Batch Fully-managed batch processing at any scale NEW Preview

    Available Today
  77. Dynamic provisioning and scaling Priority-based queues and scheduling Cost optimization

    through EC2 Spot fleet Fully managed AWS Batch
  78. Containers A Spectrum Of Compute

  79. High availability Infrastructure management Security Task scheduling Pipeline integration Container

    management Service discovery Resource access The Challenges Of Container Based Operations
  80. Amazon ECS Managed platform for: Cluster Management Container Orchestration Deep

    AWS Integration
  81. ELB Container Auto Scaling CloudTrail VPC IAM CloudWatch Metrics Instance

    Auto Scaling CloudWatch Logs CloudWatch Events X-Ray Deep Integration With AWS Platform
  82. You can now determine scheduling policies based on: AMI ID

    Availability zone Instance type Distinct instances Custom Task Placement Engine (Coming Soon)
  83. Real-time notifications of current state Container instance events Task events

    Event Stream
  84. They need the ability to: Create custom schedulers Integrate 3rd

    party schedulers Develop and test locally Developers Want More Control
  85. Introducing NEW A collection of open source projects for: Container

    management and orchestration
  86. Today we are releasing: cluster-state-service daemon-scheduler Blox NEW

  87. Open Source blox.github.io

  88. Serverless AWS Lambda A Spectrum Of Compute

  89. Languages Integrations Node.js (JavaScript) Java (Java 8 compatible) Python Amazon

    API Gateway AWS CodeCommit AWS CloudFormation AWS Config Amazon Simple Notification Service Amazon Simple Email Service State Of AWS Lambda Amazon CloudWatch Amazon Kinesis Streams Amazon DynamoDB Amazon RDS Amazon Aurora Amazon Cognito Amazon S3
  90. VPC Support Node 4.3 Simple Proxy API Gateway Binary Support

    Environment Variables Serverless Application Model NEW New Serverless Features In 2016
  91. NEW C# In AWS Lambda

  92. AWS Lambda@Edge NEW Preview Available Today Run AWS Lambda functions

    at CloudFront locations
  93. “I want to sequence functions” “I want to run functions

    in parallel” “I want to select functions based on data” “I want to retry functions” “I want to try/ catch/finally” “I have code that runs for hours” Turning Functions Into Applications
  94. Method Call Function Chaining Database Queues Different Ways To Coordinate

  95. NEW AWS Step Functions Generally Available Today Coordinate the components

    of distributed applications using visual workflows
  96. AWS Step Functions

  97. Branching Steps Select image converter RAW to JPEG RAW to

    PNG RAW to TIFF Load in Database Start End Unsupported image type Upload RAW file Delete RAW file Start End Process photo Resize image Start End Extract metadata Facial recognition Load in Database Parallel Steps Sequential Steps AWS Step Functions
  98. Virtual Machines Containers Serverless First-Class Primitives With Deep AWS Integration

  99. Transformations

  100. AWS OpsWorks For Chef Automate Amazon EC2 Systems Manager AWS

    CodeBuild AWS X-Ray AWS Personal Health Dashboard AWS Shield </> </> Amazon Pinpoint AWS Glue AWS Batch C# In AWS Lambda AWS Lambda@Edge AWS Step Functions Elastic GPUs For EC2 Amazon Lightsail F1 Instances Amazon Athena Amazon AI Amazon Rekognition Amazon Polly Amazon Lex PostgreSQL For Aurora AWS Greengrass AWS Snowball Edge AWS Snowmobile Day 1 Day 2
  101. Thank You

  102. AWS re:Invent 2016 re:Cap Danilo Poccia Technical Evangelist @danilop