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Ajay Gopal - enteRprise - LA R Meetup - Nov 2014

Data Science LA
November 12, 2014

Ajay Gopal - enteRprise - LA R Meetup - NovĀ 2014

Data Science LA

November 12, 2014

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  1. enteRprise Source: http://www.startrek.com/article/celebrating-the-ships-of-the-line-enterprise-ncc-1701 Ajay Gopal @aj2z 11/11

  2. UseR!2014 was about... Tools: twitteR, dplyr, openNLP, wordcloud, knitr, RPubs

    src: https://github.com/ajzz/libRis op: http://rpubs.com/aj2z/useR2014 Verbs Nouns Adj (as view from Twitter)
  3. Challenge: Changing the useR R 1 : Few R 1

    : Inf World Wide Web Devices Internal Team Imagine AmaRzon, PandoRa, SpoRtify scale R-UG Meetup in Production @ UseR!2104 Google/Etsy/CARD.com/Activision
  4. Emerging: R as a Service (AaaS) R 1 : World

    HTTP API Layer Websites Apps Team FOSS: OpenCPU Commercial: Shiny Server (RStudio) Rapporter.net (Gergely Daroczi) Domino Data Labs Revolution (DeployR)
  5. Build your own RaaS in 15 mins? OpenCPU + Build

    your app on top
  6. Other highlights Access to Structured Data (MySQL, HDFS, CSV etc)

    Data table (MySQL / CSV) dplyr (MySQL / Impala) Data Cleanup testdat (ROpenSci) Productivity RLint / formatR (pretty code / syntax) traceR / profilR Predictive Modeling BCP subsemble Other Rcpp11 H20 SparkR