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Building Games for Windows 8 Using Construct2

F362bc3cc426f2bc38e9ac6cc66ce05c?s=47 Dave Voyles
January 29, 2014

Building Games for Windows 8 Using Construct2

High level overview of how to get started with Construct2


Dave Voyles

January 29, 2014


  1. None
  2. Pros: • Drag-and-drop programming • Well documented • Great way

    to learn programming
  3. Similar to Unity, offers a place to buy: • Sfx

    • Music • Games
  4. Individuals may use a standard license for commercial purposes up

    to a revenue limit of $5000. Once revenues associated with creations made with Construct 2 exceed $5000 a business license must be purchased. Free version is good for most folks, although does have limitations (layer limits, effect limits, etc.) Personal Edition: $119 Business Edition: $399 Pricing Info: https://www.scirra.com/store/construct-2
  5. Positions are in pixels. The origin (0,0) is at the

    top-left of the layout, and the Y axis increments downwards (as is often the case with game engines). Sizes are in pixels Angles are in degrees. 0 degrees faces right and increments clockwise. Times are in seconds Speeds are in pixels per second Accelerations are in pixels per second per second
  6. None
  7. Free Image Editors: Photoshop CS2 Paint.Net GrafX2 (pixel art) Animation

    Tools: ShoeBox Spriter Audio Tools: bfxr (create sound effects) Audacity (create and edit effects / music) More resources: Pixel Prospector
  8. Download: https://www.scirra.com/construct2/releases Manual: https://www.scirra.com/manual.zip Store: https://www.scirra.com/store Tutorials: https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/top