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Handling identity in the Azure cloud

Handling identity in the Azure cloud

High level overview of Active Directory and handling sign-ins using the Azure cloud


Dave Voyles

March 06, 2014


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  7. Three geeks walk into a bar…

  8. 5) Get frosty beverage Wallet User 4) Give drivers license

    Pub Authorities 1) Get license STS Dept of Health 3) Select an id that matches those requirements DMV 2) Ask bouncer what id he takes Bouncer inspects id Drivers License Drivers License Trusted Authority Token Relying Party Verify Token Identity Selector What do I have to prove?
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  20. Windows Azure Active Directory

  21. Azure

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  23. Windows Azure Active Directory

  24. Many applications, one identity repository

  25. Manage identities and access to cloud applications

  26. Monitor and protect access to enterprise apps

  27. Personalized access and Self-Service capabilities.

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