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Server-side Mono: How ready is it?

Server-side Mono: How ready is it?

Slides for a talk that I gave at MonkeySpace 2013, lightly edited to make more sense by themselves.

Image credits and additional notes are available at http://www.fallingcanbedeadly.com/posts/monkeyspace-talk-slides-and-notes/

David Mitchell

July 25, 2013

Other Decks in Programming


  1. Trying to interface with a version of SQL Server newer

    than 2005? You might have to do a bit of spring cleaning…
  2. Lesson: Mono’s support for MS SQL Server > 2005 is

    spotty. Be prepared to improve its support or migrate to another DB provider.
  3. You are surrounded by a herd of yaks. > inventory

    You are carrying: a razor, the last shred of your sanity. > drop sanity https://twitter.com/carlfish/status/357289566866120705
  4. Disclaimer: When I say that the code isn’t done, I

    mean it. You’d be insane to run this in production without watching it very carefully.