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Visualizing diagram factorizations in Temperley–Lieb algebras, Part 2

by Dana Ernst

Published March 1, 2014 in Research

This talk is a continued exploration and discussion of new results from "Visualizing diagram factorizations in Temperley--Lieb algebras, Part 1" by Michael Hastings (NAU). The diagrammatic representation is like that of type A (introduced in Part 1) with a relation decorated diagrams. Multiplying diagram is easy to do. However, taking a given diagram and finding the corresponding reduced factorization is generally difficult. We have an efficient (and colorful) algorithm for obtaining a reduced factorization for Temperley-Lieb diagrams of type B.

This talk was given by my undergraduate research student Sarah Salmon (Northern Arizona University) on March 1, 2014 at the Southwestern Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference (SUnMaRC) at Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ. This joint work with Michael Hastings.