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Devoxx France 2018 - JHipster what's new in our spring-summer 2018 collection

Devoxx France 2018 - JHipster what's new in our spring-summer 2018 collection

Slides from the talk "JHipster what's new in our spring-summer 2018 collection" at Devoxx France 2018
by Julien Dubois and Deepu K Sasidharan


Deepu K Sasidharan

April 20, 2018


  1. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster JHipster What’s new in our Spring/Summer 2018 collection?

    Julien Dubois & Deepu K Sasidharan
  2. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster Julien Dubois • JHipster creator & lead developer

    • Chief Innovation Officer at Ippon Technologies • @juliendubois
  3. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster Deepu K Sasidharan • JHipster Co-lead • Javascript

    Evangelist • Senior product developer • Robotics & Astronomy enthusiast • @deepu105 • deepu.js.org
  4. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster What is JHipster? • Application generator that focuses

    on developer productivity ◦ Spring Boot + Angular/React playing well together ◦ Development and production workflows • Huge community ◦ Lots of new features developed in parallel
  5. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster Spring Boot 2.0 • Huge new release ◦

    New features ◦ Updated libraries • Migration is quite complex ◦ New configuration & necessary code refactoring can take several days • With JHipster 5, we migrate to Spring Boot 2 ◦ JHipster 4 is the last release that supports Spring Boot 1.5
  6. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster Reactive support • One of the big new

    features from Spring Boot 2 ◦ Useful for specific use-cases ◦ SQL databases are not supported yet • Support is a work in progress ◦ No commitment yet
  7. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster Improved Java build • JDK 9 and JDK

    10 support • New Maven BOM ◦ The “jhipster-dependencies” replaces the Spring Platform BOM which was deprecated by Pivotal ◦ New “jhipster-framework” and “jhipster-parent” projects
  8. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster React support • React support was one of

    the most requested feature ◦ Initial concerns due to licence ◦ Experimental support was added in JHipster 4 • Our React support has the same scope as the Angular support ◦ Written in Typescript (Similar to Angular) ◦ Redux + react-redux + Axios + Promise middleware + redux-thunk ◦ React router v4 ◦ Bootstrap 4 + Reactstrap ◦ Webpack setup close to our Angular setup
  9. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster Improved Angular support • New layout for microservice

    entities • No more modal windows when editing entities • Lazy loading for admin modules • Better date handling with MomentJS • AngularJS support has been removed
  10. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster Webpack 4 • Migration to webpack 4 for

    Angular and React ◦ Improved build speeds ◦ Reduction in bundle size ◦ Simplified configuration • Migration to ts-loader ◦ Speed improvements, especially in development • Better caching with cache-loader
  11. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster Prettier support • https://prettier.io/ is an opinionated code

    formatter ◦ Works with TypeScript, CSS & Sass ◦ Must be consistent with the lint configuration ◦ Runs by default with JHipster 5 ◦ Supports pre-commit hooks with Husky • In the future ◦ Support the Prettier Java plugin as soon as it is stable ▪ https://github.com/thorbenvh8/prettier-java
  12. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster JDL v2 with application generation • Application generation

    via JDL ◦ Microservices with their entities can be grouped ◦ Reusable application configurations • WIP: Migration to http://sap.github.io/chevrotain from PegJS
  13. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster AWS deployment • All the JHipster 4 deployment

    options still work ◦ And they are still awesome! • Only AWS gets a much-needed upgrade ◦ “jhipster aws” deploys to AWS Beanstalk ▪ For simple projects ▪ Most issues for JHipster 4 are fixed, but still a bit buggy ◦ “jhipster aws-containers” deploys to AWS Fargate ▪ For complex projects ▪ Uses Amazon Elastic Container Service ▪ Deploys on multiple AZ ▪ Must be fine-tuned for complex microservices architectures
  14. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster JHipster blueprints • Blueprints enable users to customize

    parts of the generator with plugins ◦ Customize what is required • Enables to plug in your own client side templates or server side templates ◦ JHipster Kotlin blueprint is an example ◦ Possibility to add client side framework like VueJS by community
  15. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster Demo

  16. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster What’s missing? • Vue.js • Serverless

  17. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster Future roadmap • Improvements on https://start.jhipster.tech ◦ Open

    Source license (Apache 2) ◦ Available as a Docker image ◦ More options: automatic cloud deployment • Improved OpenID Connect / OAuth2 support ◦ Common code for Keycloak, Okta, JHipster UAA, Google
  18. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster More information on JHipster Main website https://jhipster.tech GitHub

    https://github.com/jhipster/generator-jhipster Twitter https://twitter.com/java_hipster Stack Overflow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/jhipster?sort=newest
  19. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster Full Stack Development with JHipster • Amazon: https://goo.gl/k1NBAv

    • Packt: https://goo.gl/XvQLeN ◦ Discount code: JHIPSTER50 for ebooks ◦ Discount code: JHIPSTER15 for print books
  20. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster Don’t miss JHipster Conf! 1 full day of

    JHipster All the news about JHipster 5, by its core commiters 100% in English Book your seat now at https://jhipster-conf.github.io/