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AAS 233 Hack Together Day Introduction

AAS 233 Hack Together Day Introduction

My short introduction into hacking and working together for the Hack Together Day at the 233rd Winter Meeting of the American Astronomical Society.


Daniela Huppenkothen

January 10, 2019


  1. Hack Together Day 2019

  2. Hack A hack is a small project with a very

    clear goal, which should be completed by the end of the time initially allocated to it.
  3. Hack To simplify (or take a quick approach to solving)

    a complex problem.
  4. My Hack Together Day Wish List

  5. Make the Hack Together Day yours!

  6. Try something new

  7. It’s okay to fail

  8. Be bold

  9. Impostor Phenomenon

  10. “Knowledge is fragmented. Everyone only knows bits and pieces. Impostor

    phenomenon mostly an illusion driven partly by comparing your single mind with a sum over other people.” — Brendon Brewer
  11. Everyone is has experience with (a different) something

  12. To first order, everyone here feels it!

  13. Don’t be intimidated

  14. Listen to each other

  15. A quick note on name tags … … please respect

  16. Be kind • be mindful of group dynamics • make

    space for junior or shy participants • invite others to participate, but don’t put anyone on the spot
  17. Ask Questions

  18. Experiment

  19. Have fun Learn Teach Hack Network

  20. None
  21. Tea Party, Round 2 1. Introduce yourself 2. Stay curious,

    have fun 3. Don’t over think answers 4. Complete each phrase with a short phrase! 5. Share the time between you

  22. Yesterday, I learned that …

  23. In my interactions with others, I particularly enjoyed …

  24. Today, I’d like to try to …

  25. Hacking

  26. None
  27. Reminder • Add your hacks to the hack document •

    Add the AstroHackWeek tag to your GitHub repo • Please acknowledge AstroHackWeek in your publications!
  28. What is it you’d like to pursue this week?

  29. Pitching Hacks • 1 minute • What challenge would you

    like to work on? • What is the concrete outcome/product you’d like to have at the end of this week? • What kind of help do you need?
  30. Organizing the hack teams • What? Work out the problem

    definition (facts and observations only!) • So what? Why is that important? What patterns or conclusions are emerging? What hypotheses can you make? • Now what? What actions make sense?
  31. Wrap-Up

  32. Thank You Lorentz Centre especially Brigitte

  33. What now? 1. Keep working on your hack 2. Make

    sure all the links work etc 3. Acknowledge AstroHackWeek (publications, GitHub, …) 4. If you’d like to join the team for next year, e-mail us! 5. If you know of a good location for next year, add to the document in the folder (or e-mail us) 6. Keep in touch!
  34. Your To-Do List 1. Fill Out the Survey 2. Close

    all windows 3. Clean up any rubbish 4. Return your bike to the bike shed (!) 5. Pay for your bike! 6. Return the key cards! 7. Fill Out the Survey!