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How NOT to design a default theme

How NOT to design a default theme

Have fun thinking backwards while you learn about the design of the WordPress Twenty Twelve theme.

Drew Strojny

August 04, 2012

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  1. How NOT to design a default theme

  2. Carl Jacobi

  3. Invert, always invert (man muss immer umkehren)

  4. Don’t sketch and share ideas

  5. Ignore the work done before you

  6. Don’t make WordPress look like a CMS

  7. Don’t use a grid

  8. Use lots of color and texture

  9. Disregard the theme customizer

  10. Forget about mobile devices

  11. Create a mobile theme

  12. Don’t use percentage based widths

  13. Don’t use the rem (root em) unit

  14. No CSS3 gradients

  15. Don’t use web fonts

  16. Choose a fancy font with a limited character set

  17. Pre-processing is for wimps

  18. Don’t get any help from the community

  19. twentytwelvedemo.wordpress.com