How to socialize process pain points by @ecgstudio

How to socialize process pain points by @ecgstudio

New SVP, Strategy, Quality and Governance of a leading Financial Services and Mobile Banking Technology company needed to understand pain points and opportunities for improvement down and across 13 functions and 3 business lines. ECG Studio base-lined the resulting 7x8 foot end-to-end process map against Clients' hybrid Project Development Life Cycle. ECG Studio's Darrin Devereaux conducted 21 interviews capturing pain-points and synthesizing feedback into a visual used to create understanding and open dialogue.

But wait! We didn't stop there...
The paint point visual complimented a 7x8 foot map of the end to end process.

Darrin then led the senior leadership team through a highly-interactive session to rationalize the end-to-end process, resulting in one shared version of the truth, from which improvement opportunities and impacts from process changes could be instantly determined.

We thought it went well... Here's what the client said:

"This was exactly what I was looking for..."
- SVP, Strategy, Quality and Governance

"We have never looked at our process this way before... This is great!" - Lead Process Engineer

"We really needed this work. Good job. I hope they do something with it" - Anonymous feedback from session quick poll

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