How the Command-Line Can Give You Superpowers

877215a85ea128b67b4334142a6df260?s=47 Eric Fung
November 06, 2018

How the Command-Line Can Give You Superpowers

I want to show you how the macOS command-line can make quick work of many things Android developers need to do. Learning how to use command-line tools will give you more ways to get your job done, and get it done faster.

I'll demonstrate real-world techniques for how you can type less in the terminal, search your projects with ease, manipulate images and JSON files, automate deployment and testing, and more. All without needing to point, click, or swipe!

Presented at AndroidTO, 2018-11-06

Note: Slides don't include the embedded videos, sorry.

Video recording to follow…


Eric Fung

November 06, 2018