Playing with Fire(base) (DevFest Florida)

877215a85ea128b67b4334142a6df260?s=47 Eric Fung
November 05, 2016

Playing with Fire(base) (DevFest Florida)

Firebase is a feature-rich platform that provides Android apps with a powerful foundation for acquiring users and keeping them engaged. For a recent news app I developed, I employed Cloud Messaging, Remote Config, Dynamic Links, and App Indexing. In this talk, I'll describe practical examples of how I used these features, as well as a few places where I nearly got burned. I'll explain how I:

● Implemented custom push notifications using Cloud Messaging
● Defined simple A/B tests with Remote Config
● Acquired users with Dynamic Links in app banners
● Used App Indexing to get our app into search results
● Recorded events and user properties to measure performance in Analytics

Download the PDF for a copy with clickable links.

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Eric Fung

November 05, 2016