How the Command-Line Can Empower You

877215a85ea128b67b4334142a6df260?s=47 Eric Fung
November 27, 2018

How the Command-Line Can Empower You

Presented live on 2018-11-27 as a webinar.

As a developer, you probably use a modern IDE that lets you write, debug, test, and deploy your code quickly and easily. But your job often includes activities that need to be done outside your IDE, such as working with APIs, creating screenshots, or massaging data. I want to show you how the command-line can simplify, improve, or even automate some of these tasks

I'll provide an overview of utilities that will give you more ways to get your work done, and get it done faster. Using real-world examples, you'll learn how to type less in the terminal, search your files with ease, manipulate images and JSON files, write code automatically, and more. All without needing to point, click, or swipe!

If you are curious about command-line tools, or want to learn more about their awesome capabilities, this talk is for you.

This presentation will focus on software available for macOS computers, but Linux and Windows users will also benefit, as many of the tools mentioned are cross-platform.


Eric Fung

November 27, 2018