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2020 - MOPCON - 拿到錘子的我想在為控制器上實作 Ruby VM

2020 - MOPCON - 拿到錘子的我想在為控制器上實作 Ruby VM


October 24, 2020

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  1. Process virtual machines are designed to execute computer programs in

    a platform-independent environment. - Wikipedia
  2. An intermediate representation (IR) is the data structure or code

    used internally by a compiler or virtual machine to represent source code. - Wikipedia
  3. mruby is designed for Embedded System which is Raspberry Pi,

    but mruby-L1VM's target is run under 1KB RAM
  4. The SDK for Development Board usually based on C or

    C++, which means it is possible to run Golang, Ruby, or Python on it.