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Android Advanced Techniques

Android Advanced Techniques

Me and my friend Eugeniu Arbuleac had the pleasure to speak about some advanced techniques in developing Android apps at the GDG Timisoara Inaugural Event.

Andrei Catinean

December 09, 2012

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  1. FRESHNESS LOCATION UPDATE Use Passive Location Provider String passProvider =

    LocationManager.PASSIVE_PROVIDER; locManager.requestLocationUpdates(passProvider,minTime, minDistance, locListener);
  2. FRESHNESS LOCATION UPDATE Use Passive Location Provider Location listener +

    Broadcast intents => getting location when your application is not running
  3. FRESHNESS LOCATION UPDATE General flow : get providers get accuracy

    set current data Monitor the best provider !
  4. FRESHNESS DATA UPDATE How frequently do you do this ?

    Alarms Wakeup vs. NonWakeup twice a day every 30 min
  5. FRESHNESS DATA UPDATE Connectivity without: stop alarms poor: less frequent

    updates Battery Manager charged: go update not charged: less updates
  6. SMOOTHNESS Fast, responsive and consistent Move all your tasks to

    background - use AsyncTask and Loader API Droidcon Bucharest 2012 Roman Mazur keynote - http://goo.gl/XR5HU
  7. INVISIBILITY LESS is MORE more functionality in less actions Stick

    to the design guidelines - use standard patterns d.android.com/design
  8. WRAPPING UP Build your FRESH, INTELLIGENT and SMOOTH apps Remain

    invisible Efficiency is your main aim Don’t forget about being reliable