I teach Interactive Communications at the University of Montreal and give many workshops and conferences in Québec, France and the US, and give lectures at various Universities.

I also direct a series of Collective Books: L’intranet dans tous ses états – 2004 and L’intégration des 3 Nets – Internet, intranet, extranet: une nouvelle dynamique d’entreprise – 2005 and Pourquoi bloguer dans un contexte d'affaires - 2007, and work tirelessly since 1999 at the organization of the International Conferences on Interactive Communications.

The present are called Webcoms and Boule de Cristal and at the edition of Nov. 16 2011 I've been awarded the Cartier Prize wich recognizes the exceptional contribution of his recipients to the progres of the new information and communication technologies ( NTIC). This prize also come to recognize the influence and the exceptional leadership which the person exercised within his community.

Since 2006, I am President and Owner of ÉmergenceWeb, a company that specializes in Interactive Communications Strategies and Integration of Web 2.0 technologies in private or public Corporations (Enterprise 2.0) and also new KM strategies aimed at keeping and restoring Enterprise Memory


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