Meaningful CSS

MeaningfulĀ CSS

CSS is becoming more powerful and more complex every year. Our designs are the best they have ever been, but the code to build them is out of control: a minefield of browser inconsistencies and secret workarounds, repetitive and inefficient declarations, and hidden meanings.

That's no way to write maintainable code.

It's time to move front-end development into the present with DRY, modular code. What if you could write CSS that made sense, everyone could read, and you could share it across projects, all without repeating yourself throughout the document? What if you could call a column a column and leave it at that?

You can. With the abstractions available in pre-processors, you can create and share simple tools that make CSS more specific, simple, and concrete than ever before. I'll show you how tools like Sass, Compass, and Susy can make your CSS workflow, maintenance, and learning-curve easier for developers at every level.


Eric Meyer

May 02, 2012