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Isomorphic javascript in real

Isomorphic javascript in real

architectural overview of a working isomorphic solution plus some funny images of course

Riccardo Maggi

May 13, 2015

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  1. Agenda   An  implementa6on  that  worked   Why  is  it

     useful   What  is  “isomorhpism”  
  2. “In  mathema6cs,  an  isomorphism   (from  the  Ancient  Greek:  ἴσος

     isos   "equal",  and  μορφή  morphe   "shape")  is  a  homomorphism  that   admits  an  inverse.”     Isomorphic  defini6on    
  3. “In  mathema6cs,  an  isomorphism   (from  the  Ancient  Greek:  ἴσος

     isos   "equal",  and  μορφή  morphe   "shape")  is  a  homomorphism  that   admits  an  inverse.”     Isomorphic  what?    
  4. An  example   CAR  proper6es!   I  need  an  engine

        I  need  a  steering  wheel   I  want  to  go  to  holiday!  
  5. river   context   An  isomorphic  car!   road  

    context   Proper6es  always  sa6sfied!  
  6. I  want  to  build  some  isomorphic  stuff   New  front

     end  architecture   Single  Page  Applica6on  
  7. A   B   C   D E   SPA

     managing  different  states  flow  
  8. A   B   C   D E   What

     if  need  direct  access  to  every  state?  
  9. ✔   ✔   What  if  I  want  to  share

     business  logic?   Shared  valida<on  logic   Shared  sor<ng  algorithm  
  10. I  need  an  isomorphic  app   Template  rendering   Business

     logic   Template  rendering   Business  logic  
  11. BL   10000  b  view   Ask  for  a  page

      Ask  for  BL  data   HTML   builder   data   engine   client  JS  app   Make  an     interac<on   ✔   Ask  for  BL  data  
  12. Where  the  data  comes  from?   BE  service   BE

     service   BE  service   BE  service   Javascript     Mashup   orchestrator   {JSON}   {JSON}   {JSON}   {JSON}   {JSON}   Data  engine  
  13. ExpressJS  app   How  do  we  build  HTML  server  side?

      HTTP  RS     {JSON}   Javascript     Mashup   orchestrator   HTTP  RQ   HTTP  RQ   HTTP  RS   <HTML/>   HTML  builder  
  14. MV*  JS  app   How  do  we  manage  interac6ons?  

    AJAX  RS   {JSON}   Javascript     Mashup   orchestrator   Catch  interac<on   AJAX  RQ   View  render   client  JS  app  
  15. Javascript     Mashup   orchestrator   How  it  works

     all  together   Express  app   MV*   Ask  for  a  page   Ask  for  BL  data   {JSON}   {JSON}   Ask  for  BL  data   Make  an     interac<on  
  16. Leb  over  from    today   New  way  to  solve

     old  problems   No  need  of  math  PhD   You  can  build  your  own  
  17. grunQile.json   bower.json   A  Generic  Module   External  library

      (like  backbone)   Venere  library   Venere  library   A  Venere  module