The Peak of Power

Eb413d2c22e29500565cab1f71c9c707?s=47 Ethan V
February 19, 2020

The Peak of Power


Ethan V

February 19, 2020


  1. Scene 1 Panel 1 Dialog CAPE I have finally reached

    the peak of all power... *MAGIC HUMMING* Action Notes CAPE stands confident. PeakOfPower Page 1/13
  2. Scene 2 Panel 1 Dialog CAPE (cont.) AHAHA- *ZAP* Action

    Notes CAPE is on the peak of a mountain, unleashing his power. PeakOfPower Page 2/13
  3. Scene 2 Panel 2 Dialog CAPE AHAHAH- *ZAP- ZAP ZAAAP*

    Action Notes CAPE's power is unleashed. PeakOfPower Page 3/13
  4. Scene 3 Panel 1 Dialog CAPE (cont.) I AM UNSTOPPABLE

    HAHA -- *MAGIC HUM* Action Notes CAPE is laughing maniacally, cape flowing in the wind. PeakOfPower Page 4/13
  5. Scene 3 Panel 2 Dialog GUY (O.S) Yo! *MAGIC HUM

    FADES* Action Notes CAPE hears someone yell from down below, interrupting his moment. PeakOfPower Page 5/13
  6. Scene 4 Panel 1 Dialog *ROCKY FOOTSTEPS* Action Notes CAPE

    walks to address the person calling out. PeakOfPower Page 6/13
  7. Scene 4 Panel 2 Dialog CAPE What -- *ROCKY FOOTSTEPS*

    Action Notes CAPE walking then speaking. PeakOfPower Page 7/13
  8. Scene 4 Panel 3 Dialog GUY (O.S.) Hey you look

    pretty lame up there! Action Notes CAPE recoils in disgust and disbelief. PeakOfPower Page 8/13
  9. Scene 5 Panel 1 Dialog GUY (cont.) You're no good

    at this! Action Notes EXTRA WIDE showing the placement of the two individuals. PeakOfPower Page 9/13
  10. Scene 6 Panel 1 Dialog GUY (cont.) Knock it off!

    Action Notes We see the yelling individual up close, he is bizarre. PeakOfPower Page 10/13
  11. Scene 7 Panel 1 Dialog GUY (cont.) (O.S.) C'mon man!

    CAPE euughhh.... Action Notes CAPE is put off by the situation. PeakOfPower Page 11/13
  12. Scene 7 Panel 2 Dialog *MAGIC HUM* Action Notes CAPE

    readies his powers. PeakOfPower Page 12/13
  13. Scene 7 Panel 3 Dialog *ZAP* *WIND RUSHING* Action Notes

    He obliterates the rude gentleman. PeakOfPower Page 13/13