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AfroPython: Empowering black people using Python in Brazil

AfroPython: Empowering black people using Python in Brazil

Felipe de Morais

February 08, 2020

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  1. Technology & Black activism Felipe de Morais

  2. Felipe de Morais

  3. FeliPython • Software Engineer • AfroPython co-founder • Investor •

    Jiu Jitsu white belt • I speak 4 languages • 10 countries • 4 continents • Trying to be healthy • Father
  4. Paige

  5. How everything started?

  6. How everything started?

  7. What about the space for black men in IT?

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  10. Idea!

  11. First meeting - 28/Jul/17

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  14. Achievements

  15. Conquistas

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  18. Futuro

  19. Futuro

  20. How AfroPython changed your life?

  21. "It has impacted my self esteem, representativeness. I am proud

    of it!"
  22. "It was beautiful to see a united team, creating empathy,

    supporting career growth, helping black people, talking about the job market in IT, which in my mind would be impossible for black people."
  23. "AfroPython helped me learn new things, to realise that there

    are more possibilities and made me feel welcome."
  24. "AfroPython have impacted me in the most positive and beautiful

    way possible. I couldn't imagine that a 1 day computer programming class, would create such a network of people willing to help and support each other as in AfroPython."
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  26. Expansion

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  28. Future

  29. How to support building this future?

  30. Technology & Black activism Felipe de Morais