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Node Interactive 16: Ambitious Desktop Apps with JavaScript and Electron

762d498d4070aa403b8a2de4ddd15c2d?s=47 Felix Rieseberg
September 16, 2016

Node Interactive 16: Ambitious Desktop Apps with JavaScript and Electron

You may have seen apps like Slack, Visual Studio Code, or Docker’s Kitematic - desktop applications written using Node.js and Chromium. Originally built for the editor Atom, Electron enables developers to build beautiful cross-platform apps, harnessing the power of a being a true Desktop app while using the JavaScript we all love.


Felix Rieseberg

September 16, 2016


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  4. Built with Node.js and Chromium

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  6. Renderer Process Renderer Process Main Process Starts as invisible Node-like

    process Creates Renderer Processes Manages Inter-Process Communication
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  8. How do I get started? Electron API Demos electron.atom.io electron-quick-start

  9. Yeah, but what else? Auto Updater Dialogs Push Notifications ES2015

    Async/Await Mac App Store Clipboard Menubar Apps Global Shortcuts Windows App Store Installer Generation Shell Operations WebViews Desktop Capturing DevTools Webcam Microphone WebRTC P2P window.fetch() CSS Custom Properties Native Notifications Custom Protocols Power Save Blocking Multi Processes Tray Icons Dock Icons Chromium Feature Flags CrashReporter App Menus Context Menus Screen APIs [...and 1323 Electron npm modules]
  10. Remember Node is powerful

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