Practical Advice for Establishing Your Engineering Career

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April 11, 2015

Practical Advice for Establishing Your Engineering Career

Getting your first job as an engineer is difficult, and growing a career after you've started in the field can be even harder. 18 months ago I was fresh out of an intensive development training program and searching for my first job as an engineer. Since I graduated my training program, I've spent my time growing and establishing my career as an engineer, both as a technical contributor and communicator. During this talk, I'll share my mistakes along with practical advice, followed by a Q&A session.



April 11, 2015


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    i did all of this because people told me i

    had to if i wanted to grow my career.
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    contribute to open source! be excellent to each other! all

    contributions welcome! (but we will judge the shit out of you) (and possibly harass you) ethics of free labor be damned!
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    be public! use twitter! twitter is great… if you ignore

    the mansplaining harassment doxxing stalking rape & death threats trigger warnings racism sexism TERFs transphobia
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    attend every meetup! we promise it’s a ~safe space~ we

    have a code of conduct and NEVER ENFORCED IT because we are all excellent to each other!
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    introduce yourself to everyone at all of the meetups you

    attend! even if we’re staring at your ass we promise it’s a respectful stare!
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    you do not have to follow this advice if it

    makes you feel unappreciated
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    the things you choose to do depend a lot on

    the path you want your career to take
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    share sharing is also about practicing how you present yourself,

    your work, and your achievements to others
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    share sharing will help you practice talking about your achievements

    when it comes time for a review at work or a new job interview
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    “If you and your friends are in the same field

    and you can collaborate with each other, do this without shame. Men invented nepotism and practically live by it. It’s ok for women to do it too.” - Roxane Gay, “Bad Feminist”
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