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This is something I've learned the hard way. My mom was on my back all week, telling me to prepare this and bear in mind that. I shared with her my excitement about going on the first ever camping trip with my children, her grandkids, and here she was all over my preparations huffing and puffing with guidance and instructions on every possible circumstance. I don't mind my mom's talking, let alone listening to her lectures makes me uncomfortable, so I tried to wrap it up quicker than I should have. And that was a huge mistake, as I've discovered next day... or two. .I was trying to perform the rustic experience I've had with my dad back in the day, so I picked one of the most remote places which,As it was later, was in a enormous no-service area. Do not blame me, I was anticipating a terrific time off work, 3 days out there in the character, with the character. . We were back in the car on the way home 24hrs to the camping trip. .What happened? We had no world wide web, we had no bars, we had nothing... I introduced laptop with a couple of online games, - didn't even get it out of the bags. . I had nice backdrop prepared for the trees to watch little projector I brought with me for fine grained effect movies - no world wide web to get Hulu, no Netflix, no Disney+. . What a mess. . My children were simply unbearable. All they wanted was to check their emails, their texts, stay on top of school items, etc, etc.. I couldn't stand it any longer and we packed for the way back. When we came out of the wifi-less zone, my children made sounds almost identical to little piglets eating yummy food stuffs... Seriously... Don't get me wrong, I really like my kids. . But that was simply embarrassing, they squealed and moaned when their phones started beeping and announcing incoming text messages and emails.Since that time I have learned to prepare better and try not to get an internet-less zone without even some roaming available. However, this one time we went on a long boat ride towards our destinations, there I had my new best friends - two tablets and notebook filled to the rim with Hulu offline movie downloads on one, Netflix films and shows on the other, and laptop has all the music videos, music and some big movies I have downloaded for later watching with both Hulu and Netflix apps available thru Windows app store. I have about 600 hours of watching materials, including complete Will & Grace, Friends and South Park seasons and added episodes.For kids I have a lof of videos of funny things, I downloaded some music videos from Youtube, converted a few to mp3 and mp4 format for listening or viewing. Some videos I downloaded with help this web app, it allows me to find video downloaded directly to my laptop, then I can watch it easily any time offline without net, just give me some electricity, if recharge is needed. I DVR a lot of films, TV Shows and simply online lectures, seminars, etc, anything that is worth watching later, and I save those videos in format mp4 on my notebook, later simply play with them with VLC or KMP, or literally anything that plays video files and supports 4k.Video is clear, it's really remarkable. I truly recommend. New TVs that allow 4k image have great software inside them that procedures that picture and makes it better, upscales it. So old video becomes so far better about the new TV, even that it's not that good to start with, just squarish kind of blockish recording, but it turns into nice and smooth contemporary video flow. Highly recommending to all of the boys and girls! download Youtube videos

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