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Fiona Brennan

April 25, 2024

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  1. What is sustainable content and why does it matter? Fiona

    Brennan Indie Essentials LinkedIn/in/fiona-brennan https://speakerdeck.com/fionabrennan
  2. 1. Why we should care 2. What sustainable content is

    (and isn’t) 3. 4 point framework
  3. You can fly the whole population of London to New

    York and back for less carbon than a year of TikTok
  4. A day of Chat GPT prompts takes about the same

    energy as fuelling 5.5 homes for a year
  5. 3 x Facebook groups Facebook pages Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Email

    marketing Live challenges SEO A quiz Lead magnets Facebook ads Daily blogs
  6. IBS

  7. Don’t fall into the trap of creating content with a

    purpose that doesn’t make an impact
  8. 3 x Facebook groups Facebook page Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Email

    marketing Challenges SEO Quiz Countless lead magnets Facebook Ads And daily blogs.