You're still using passwords on your site?

You're still using passwords on your site?

A few people like to say that passwords are dead, but the reality is far from it. First of all, we can’t get rid of passwords entirely, because the alternatives all suck: physical tokens are easy to lose and retina scans are pretty creepy. What we should focus on is eliminating site-specific passwords.

Mozilla Persona was introduced at OSDC last year, but a number of new things have been added to it since. But more importantly, it’s still the best shot we have at a decentralized web-wide identity system that works for average users and doesn’t violate their privacy.

So I’m back to show you what’s new and to talk about what organizations can gain from adding native support on their domain. It’s time to solve the password problem on the web.


Francois Marier

October 21, 2013