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Privacy and Tracking Protection in Firefox

Privacy and Tracking Protection in Firefox

Surveillance is a growing concern in Europe, and Mozilla believes that privacy and security should be treated as fundamental and not optional in the browsing experience. That's why Firefox has introduced new features for tracking protection and private browsing. Do not track is not only a way to navigate the web, it might also become part of a new privacy law in the EU. We will discuss how this has been implemented in the newest version of Firefox, next steps, and why it's important to have transparency and control in our online experiences.



Francois Marier

January 30, 2016

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  1. Privacy & Tracking Protection in Firefox Raegan MacDonald @shmaeganm François

    Marier @fmarier
  2. the state of online surveillance how tracking works in practice

    how widespread is it? what can we do about it? questions & discussion overview
  3. the state of online surveillance

  4. the public-private surveillance partnership Bruce Schneier Relationship specific to US

    context Role of companies inside the surveillance eco-system
  5. privacyinternational.org/sii the business of surveillance

  6. trading data for “free” services surveillance as the business model

    of the internet
  7. None
  8. data brokers

  9. online advertisting industry

  10. the public-private surveillance partnership  Governments & corporations have similar

    goals  Snowden disclosures: PRISM, MUSCULAR  What companies know, governments can & will know  Any reform must take into account this relationship
  11. None
  12. how does it work in practice?

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  14. None
  15. None
  16. customerID=112

  17. None
  18. third-party cookies

  19. None
  20. None
  21. suckerID=319

  22. None
  23. None
  24. None
  25. None
  26. suckerID=319

  27. None
  28. top 1 million 67% use Google Analytics

  29. None
  30. None
  31. user agent timezone language screen size browser plugins system fonts

  32. fingerprinting

  33. panopticlick.eff.org

  34. how widespread is it?

  35. None
  36. None
  37. None
  38. None
  39. None
  40. None
  41. None
  42. None
  43. None
  44. None
  45. 209 different third-parties 26 on more than one site

  46. what can we do about it?


  48. political means

  49. the EU's new privacy law • Article 19, General Data

    Protection Regulation • 2b. In the context of the use of information society services, and notwithstanding Directive 2002/58/EC, the data subject may exercise his or her right to object by automated means using technical specifications. • Could imply Do Not Track specifications
  50. technical means

  51. block network requests

  52. can't set any cookies can't fingerprint you can't see you

    in their logs
  53. None
  54. None
  55. None
  56. None
  57. None
  58. None
  59. converted and served by Mozilla to Firefox users feeding.cloud.geek.nz/posts/tweaking-cookies-for-privacy-in-firefox

  60. 1st-party v. 3rd-party

  61. google.com v. google-analytics.com

  62. None
  63. None
  64. None
  65. None
  66. avoid having a hard dependency on Google Analytics developer.mozilla.org/Firefox/Privacy/Tracking_Protection

  67. what about when you're browsing outside of private browsing?

  68. None
  69. about:config privacy.trackingprotection.enabled

  70. feeding.cloud.geek.nz/posts/tweaking-cookies-for-privacy-in-firefox

  71. None
  72. want to help? report missing trackers reach out to broken

  73. © 2016 Raegan MacDonald <raegan@mozilla.com> François Marier <francois@mozilla.com> This work

    is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License. Questions? @shmaeganm @fmarier
  74. photo credits: bruce schneier: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bruce_Schneier_at_CoPS2013-IMG_9174.jpg say no to strangers: https://www.flickr.com/photos/_chrisuk/6500365853/

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