Security and Privacy on the Web in 2015

Security and Privacy on the Web inĀ 2015

In the last few years, a number of new security features have become available to web developers (e.g. Content Security Policy, Strict Transport Security) and a few more are coming up this year (e.g. Referrer Policy, Subresource Integrity). In addition to getting familiar with these, a number of recent high-profile bugs in the SSL/TLS protocol and implementations have forced developers to learn more about TLS ciphers and to start worrying about mixed content on their pages.

As a browser vendor and a member of the W3C WebAppSec working group, Mozilla is busy extending the web platform to provide the tools and features that developers and users need in 2015. This talk will give an overview of the security and privacy landscape on the web as well as pointers to what developers need to know to secure their applications.


Francois Marier

July 07, 2015