Istio: Will a Service Mesh become the new Service Bus?

643cd45dcfa73b072018046e39ed36d1?s=47 Frank Munz
October 25, 2018

Istio: Will a Service Mesh become the new Service Bus?

Hey. There is a good recording of this presentation if you care:

Let’s face it: Kubernetes is the new platform for a modern microservices-based application architecture. However, until now it has been less clear how certain core requirements such as security/policy enforcement, traffic routing, in-depth telemetry, and reporting can be implemented for microservices. This presentation will get you up to date with Istio and Envoy and explain how it compares to the enterprise service bus you have been using for a decade. It includes live demos of Istio core concepts that will give you, as a developer, a head start.

Examples on AWS EKS managed Kubernetes service.
Keywords: Istio / Envoy / Enterprise Service Bus / AWS EKS / Kubernetes / Jaeger / Grafana / Prometheus

Link to presentation:


Frank Munz

October 25, 2018