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AI & ChatGPT in SEO: Striking the Balance Between Innovation and Best Practice

AI & ChatGPT in SEO: Striking the Balance Between Innovation and Best Practice

In this event, we will delve into the allure of artificial intelligence, specifically Chat GPT, for brands in the context of SEO content strategies while emphasizing the need for cautious adoption.

The undeniable power of this cutting-edge technology will inevitably impact the SEO landscape, and it becomes crucial for brands to prioritize the core elements of 'search'.

I will briefly outline these key factors and then examine AI's potential benefits and limitations in addressing these aspects (including essential components like E-E-A-T, originality, brand voice, and more).

To conclude, the audience will be engaged in reflecting on the long-term consequences of AI implementation in search, and best practices for incorporating AI into SEO strategies in the immediate and longer-term future will be shared.

Federico Vanni

May 13, 2023

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  1. Federico Vanni – Head of Organic Marketing @ SmartBuyGlasses Optical

    Group AI & ChatGPT in SEO: Striking the Balance Between Innovation and Best Practice 12 MAGGIO - 17.00-18.00
  2. SmartBuyGlasses is a leading global eyewear retailer. With over 15

    years of expertise in the eyewear industry, SmartBuyGlasses sells an extensive range of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contacts at accessible prices. SmartBuyGlasses is at the forefront of trending eyewear, addressing the customer’s each and every need.
  3. A better answer to this question is: “AI is not

    going to replace SEOs but SEOs who are able to work with AI might do that instead.”
  4. AI #1 GOAL To perform manual and repetitive tasks better

    and faster than humans. It is a technology designed to make our work and life easier.
  5. AI-generated content it’s ok for Google if: 1. It is

    original and high quality 2. It satisfies the helpful content system 3. It doesn’t propagate misinformation 4. It isn’t created with the purpose of manipulating search results 5. It demonstrates E-E-A-T
  6. Does this means that we can copy and paste content

    from ChatGPT? Hmm..not quite... https://developers.google.com/search/docs/essentials/spam-policies#spammy-automatically-generated-content
  7. But Google will never find out right? Nope… *OpenAI has

    confirmed that ChatGPT content will be watermarked in one of the next releases.
  8. So what should we not do? • Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V ChatGPT content

    • Create unhelpful/ generic / uninspiring content without unique expert insights • Publish too much content too quick • Assuming that ChatGPT information is factually correct especially for YMYL pages (e.g. health or financial advice)
  9. Content Creation - Content Writing - Meta descriptions - SEO

    Titles & ALT tags - Product Descriptions - Featured Snippets - Get facts/data/ sources to reference
  10. Link-Building - Get a list of experts that have published

    about a certain topic - Provide a list of relevant podcasts or YouTube channels to pitch to be a guest of
  11. 1. SEO competition will skyrocket 2. Off-Page will become even

    more the n.1 ranking factor 3. Authors authority will be emphasised 4. Original Research and Data will be rewarded 5. Zero-click search will increase 6. Growth of segmented niche search engines
  12. Final Takeaway The industry is changing fast but you will

    win this by staying ahead of the trends. Embrace AI to accelerate your growth and use it as a tool not as a replacement of your SEO team.