Test Driven Development with Xcode

Test Driven Development with Xcode

Test Driven Development is a great way to take your code to a whole another level. In this presentation, we'll talk about what is TDD, why TDD is awesome and how to do it in Xcode using Swift and XCTest

Presented at CocoaHeads LA - Testing Edition: http://www.meetup.com/CocoaHeads-LA/events/225155127/
Video: https://youtu.be/06-9Xsd8saA


Alexander Tamoykin

September 24, 2015


  1. Test Driven Development Live in Xcode Master class with Alex

  2. Holla It’s Alex Tamoykin

  3. CTO @ ThinkAlike Check us out at http://thinkalike.us and tell

    me what you think
  4. The book author http://StartProgrammingNowBook.com

  5. Ping Pong Playa

  6. What’s up • What’s TDD • Why TDD • How

    it’s done with Xcode
  7. What’s TDD 1. Failing Test 2. Minimum amount of code

    to pass that test 3. Refactor
  8. Why bother? 0 20 40 60 80 Today A month

    later In 2 months In 3 months
  9. Benefits 1. Stable product 2. Lower management overhead 3. Easy

    to refactor 4. Tests are documentation 5. Better code quality • Easier to read • Easier to modify • Easier to maintain
  10. Good For Shipping stable product

  11. Not so good for Prototyping

  12. How

  13. –Linus Torvalds “Talk is cheap. Show me the code.”

  14. What’s next • Apple promotes testing. (XCTest, UITesting, Xcode Server

    etc) • Just do it. It’s the best way to learn. • It will take some time.
  15. Books

  16. Internet https://www.objc.io/issues/ 15-testing/ http://iosunittesting.com

  17. Recap • What’s TDD • Why • How

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