Starting a new app in Swift

Starting a new app in Swift

Should you start building production apps with Swift (event before it was released) ? Here is what we did at AwesomenessTV.

Presented on the LA Swift meetup:

Front Cover photo by


Alexander Tamoykin

September 27, 2014


  1. Starting a new app in Swift Alex Tamoykin

  2. Holla I’m Alex Tamoykin

  3. AwesomenessTV We’re hiring Head of Engineering

  4. Book author

  5. Ping pong playa

  6. What’s the story ? New app in Swift ? Swift

    support Solution
  7. We need a video app

  8. It was August 2014 Apple announced Swift Looks really cool

    Start the app in Swift ?
  9. Swift is shiny

  10. Obsolete testing frameworks Kiwi Cedar

  11. Not much answers

  12. Learning takes time

  13. Swift is still in flux

  14. New app in Swift* * in August 2014

  15. Now what?

  16. Solution Objective-C Swift

  17. Solution Objective-C Swift

  18. Solution Objective-C Swift

  19. Migrate over time

  20. Recap New app in Swift ? Swift support Solution (migrate

    over time)
  21. Thank you!