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SWC Transformerから見るTypeScript関数記述ベストプラクティス

SWC Transformerから見るTypeScript関数記述ベストプラクティス

Fujimura Kaito

May 11, 2024

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  1. I/O

  2. ( ) parse 919.22ms 959.42ms 929.58ms 931.66ms transform 56.26ms 61.25ms

    58.77ms 15.72ms emit 8.75s 9.70s 9.56s 7.22s all 20.93s 22.78s 22.59s 17.70s ※
  3. TypeScript (function) (function expression) (Arrow function expressions) SWC SWC Next.js

    Compiler Trait swc_ecma_visit::VisitMut TSKaigi Canva ~Gray Purple Isometric Elements & Mockups 5G Technology Technology Presentation~ carbon