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Your build process needs you

Your build process needs you

Introduction to one of the panels at Edge 2014 in London, all about the importance of the build process. Mainly focused on an audience of frontend or Javascript developers, but relevant to pretty much any environment.


Gareth Rushgrove

March 21, 2014

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  1. Your Build Process needs you Edge Conference, London, 2014

  2. A build process is a way of sharing common actions

    Gareth Rushgrove
  3. Because people suck at repetitive tasks Gareth Rushgrove

  4. And words can mean different things to different people (or

    different teams) Gareth Rushgrove
  5. Your build process is software Gareth Rushgrove

  6. Which makes you a software developer Gareth Rushgrove

  7. What are we building?

  8. CSS preprocessing, templating, bundling, minification, linting, testing, optimisation, transpiling Gareth

  9. Gareth Rushgrove

  10. Gareth Rushgrove 30,428 installs of grunt today

  11. Gareth Rushgrove 2500+ grunt plugins

  12. Gareth Rushgrove 450+ gulp plugins

  13. Gareth Rushgrove contrib-jshint vs gulp-jshint

  14. Gareth Rushgrove grunt-coffee vs gulp-coffee

  15. Compilation, dependency management, packaging Gareth Rushgrove

  16. Make, NMake, Maven, Ant, Nant, Gradle, Rake, Phing, Leiningen, sbt,

    rebar, MSBuild Gareth Rushgrove 2 points for each tool used. -5 if you liked using Maven.
  17. Gareth Rushgrove django-static-compiler vs django-compressor vs sprockets vs assetic 1

    or more for every language imaginable
  18. Everything old is new again

  19. Building software is not new Gareth Rushgrove

  20. Make is older than you (probably) Make was released in

    1977 fact fans Gareth Rushgrove
  21. all: hello hello: echo "hello Edgeconf" Makefile Gareth Rushgrove

  22. As a community we spend a lot of effort reinventing

    the wheel Gareth Rushgrove
  23. Gareth Rushgrove Invariable in our language of choice

  24. Invariable in our language and tool of choice Gareth Rushgrove

  25. Gareth Rushgrove Invariable in our language and tool of choice

    at the moment
  26. Let’s make things better

  27. Can we share entire pipelines as well as tools to

    build them? Gareth Rushgrove
  28. What is the most valuable unit of sharing? Gareth Rushgrove

  29. How do we break down artificial programming language silos? Gareth